Apollo & Dionysus

Masculine and Feminine
Gay and Straight
Academic and Animal
Dominant and Submissive
Old sensibilities with
Young Insecurities
Subject and Object
All at once

tmd-dump-station check it


i broke up with my gym
we were just not working out


Islamabad bleeds.


Kerry comes to Israel seeking peace with Hamas, Gaza, Middle East and the World.


Shift Change (trailer)


Most anthropologists and biologists view race as a political grouping with roots in slavery and colonialism. The number of races and who belongs in each race have shifted over time and nations—not because of responses to scientific advances in human biology, but rather in response to political purposes.

Do not forget


Do not forget Gaza.

Do not forget how the media dehumanized the lives of 2,145 people who were slaughtered and the 11,000 who have been irreversibly injured.

Do not forget how the media has tried to justify their slaughter and injuries.

Do not forget that 89 families…





Israel kills human rights defenders and their families


Palestinians look for victims under the rubble of the home of the Abu Teir family which was bombed during an Israeli attack in Abasan village east of Khan Younis in southern Gaza, 26 July.

Israeli occupation forces today killed the father of Issam…